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Whatever happened to good, old fashioned, personal service when it comes to the task of buying presents?


We are the luxury gift company that specialises in delivering hand-wrapped, beautiful wines and spirits on behalf of people who prefer a more personal and select approach to sending gifts.


Everything on our List is selected by Sarah Bowden, a wine and spirit expert, who spends much of her time recommending the unique and delicious to anybody who asks for her advice. If you want to give something exceptional then you only need to send an email telling us what you're thinking about ordering and we will try and suggest something brilliant and inspiring by return. All our prices are based on a quotation basis – and usually we will find you something from about £20.00 upwards, depending on what you'd like. And whatever you choose, your beautiful present will arrive hand–wrapped in Bowden & Co. box, complete with an informative note about the wine and spirit you’ve chosen and why it is so special.

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